Smash Pictures Taps Wyatt Case as Studio's New VP

LOS ANGELES — Smash Pictures today said that it tapped industry veteran Wyatt Case as the studio’s new vice president.

Case brings skills, experience — 23 years’ worth — and energy to Smash Pictures, according to Dan Quinn, owner of Smash Pictures.

"Wyatt has a very steady hand running the Smash ship,” Quinn said. 

Wyatt came to California from Boston in 1992 and started working for Chuck Zane at Zane Entertainment. He started in sales and worked his way up to sales manager.

When Frank Koretsky at IVD bought the Zane line, Case stayed on with him. He later worked at JM Productions.

Then, in March 2015, Quinn called and gave Case a position at Smash Pictures.

Quinn said: "Wyatt was my sales rep for 10 years at his last job over at JM, and he would call on me weekly and send over these really cool sales promotions by email, and sure enough, I would buy. Every so often I would go by the JM warehouse and say hi, so it came very natural to ask him to come on board.

“In our office he also has by his side a great secretary and bookkeeper, Jen, and Carlos who oversees all of our warehouse, Smash video vault, and foreign customers' needs. He's a great match for Smash."

Case said: "The people Dan has at Smash are all extremely competent and a crack crew to work with. They are super organized and it makes things easy! I just want to say I appreciate Chuck Zane, Frank Koretsky, Jeff Mike and Dan Quinn who took a chance on me, and I want to thank them personally. It was a pleasure to work for them and they were very helpful with my career in this industry."

Two titles that have been released since Case has been with Smash are "Daddy's Home 3," a  depiction of stepfathers being seduced by their stepdaughters, and "Cuddles," a more intimate collection of scenes.

"We have one release per month now," Case said."But we're going to increase it to two. We've got a lot of great new content coming down the pipeline. There are some good people coming on board that I respect and who do quality work — just their name on the box is going to get the customer wanting to check it out.

"There are a lot of exciting things that are going happen this year with Smash Pictures." 

Those wanting to do business with Smash Pictures, or are interested in acquiring a licensing deal, contact Wyatt Case at (818) 772-7219, ext. 104, or email at