PornHub Announces 'Save The Balls' Campaign

NEW YORK — PornHub has announced its “Save The Balls” campaign to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

As part of the campaign, PornHub has released its first ever public service announcement to be featured on special full-length videos uploaded to the tube site by,, and

PornHub is a traffic monster with more than 55 million visitors a day

The campaign, which will run through April, will also feature a “Save The Balls” landing page, where fans can go learn more about the disease that is the leading cause of ailment in men between the ages of 18 and 35. 

PornHub has teamed with globally recognized advertising agency McCann-Erickson to develop the public service announcement, which depicts an adult actress using a life-size phallic model to instruct viewers on the proper methods for performing self-examinations and check for unusual lumps.

“The incident rate of testicular cancer has been increasing for decades. We wanted to do our part in raising awareness towards combating this disease,” said Corey Price, vice president of PornHub. “PornHub has had its share of successful philanthropic initiatives in the past and this is no one different.

“Our main demographic aligns with those who are most affected by testicular cancer.”