Nalpac Is Again Shipping Gel’n Bath Products

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac is again shipping Gel’n Bath products, the company announced.

The line is described as an intimate spa experience for home use that come in four different scents including Ocean Breeze, Green Tea, Strawberry, and Lavender.

All Gel’n Bath products start in powder form, and when submerged into hot water turn into a creamy, spa-like, gel bath. The gel turns back into water when using the included salt mixture, for easy tub clean up.

The beads in the gel contain essential oils and they exfoliate, rehydrate and soften the skin.

“Nalpac is now carrying Gel’n Bath products once again. The bath gels are packed in a sturdy box and are sold in units of three. This will greatly reduce the chances of any damage that could be incurred through shipping,” said Glenn LeBoeuf, vice president of operations.

“Gel’n Bath is a really unique product. It sells well among Nalpac customers because of the quality and the price point of the gels,” added Ralph Caplan, CC & BW.

To order the products, or for more information about Nalpac’s novelty product lines, email a Nalpac sales account manager at, visit, or call (800) 837-5946.