Webmaster Central Updates Mobile UI for Templated Video Feeds

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central’s latest update allows online adult companies a new option for boosting profits from tablet and smartphone users. 

The company has launched a new mobile interface for its popular templated feeds, and the new UI is specifically designed to increase engagement with users of mobile devices, said AndyA, founder and CEO of Webmaster Central.

"We collected a lot of user feedback and researched a number of possible designs, and the new UI is exactly the experience that most mobile users want," AndyA said. "Every one of our existing clients who use our templated feeds with mobile traffic should expect even better results because of this update."

The new UI delivers better revenue performance by simplifying the navigation and getting out of the way of the content, AndyA said. It delivers Webmaster Central’s mobile-optimized HD content in a format that’s familiar and attractive to users so they won’t get frustrated and move on. 

A sample of the new mobile interface can be viewed on Webmaster Central’s website here.

"Leasing your content from Webmaster Central provides many of the same benefits you get from various cloud-based service providers; you just plug into the technology and let us do all the work," Andy said. "We handle all the updates, we optimize the videos, and as seen with this update we constantly refine the UI based on what’s proven to work best and bring you more profits." 

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