PHS Debuts New ‘Bijoux de Nip’ Pasties

PHOENIX — PHS International has enhanced its Bijoux de Nip collection with a 75-piece series of pasties, each inspired by the company’s decorative nipple clamps.

The company said the handcrafted pasties offer a unique addition to stores’ current selection. The rhinestone-studded pasties are adorned with strings of beads, colorful bursts of feathers, silver charms and little bells.

With an affordable price point, Bijoux de Nip pasties appeal to women and couples who want to personalize their appearance while incorporating a fun burlesque sense into their romantic routines, according to PHS.

The line offers 75 unique SKUs including: heart, star and circle pastie shapes, hand-sequined designs in purple, black, blue or red, ink satin circles with white trim, heavy crystal-encrusted shapes, right plumes of feathers, faceted and anodized beads, dangling heart and flower charms, a rainbow pride design, and mini bells that ding as they swing.

“Countless customers have approached us with requests for a line of pasties that feature a similar design aesthetic to our famous beaded and feathered nipple clamps, so we got creative with great results,” CEO Chuck Harnish said.

He added, “People are accustomed to seeing traditional pasties with swinging tassels, so we created something that shoppers haven’t seen before. We want retailers to know PHS as the adult company for all things ‘nipple’ and these new pasties have set the scene.”

To order the products, contact a preferred distributor or email