IVD/ECN Report Successful ILS Exhibition

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.  — The IVD/ECN team has reported a successful exhibition at the recent International Lingerie Show (ILS) in Las Vegas.

The company said new items and bestsellers from the industry’s top brands made a splash at its expansive booth, an eye-catching draw paying homage to the brick-and-mortar storefront.

“IVD/ECN is proud to offer the largest selection of top quality products, and it is at shows like ILS that we have the opportunity to showcase our premium offerings in a dynamic space,” sales manager Jereme C. said.

Seasoned sales staff were on hand at IVD/ECN’s booth to guide buyers though the assortment of debut items and bestsellers from the industry’s top brands.

“Hot new items and quality bestsellers speak for themselves, but it is our staff that proves again and again that our world revolves around you, our customer,” Jereme C. added.

For more information on the company, call (800) 999-2483, or visit IVD1.com, or ECN.com.