‘Marriage 2.0's’ Magnus Sullivan on ‘Sex Outloud’ Radio Show

LOS ANGELES — Magnus Sullivan, screenwriter/producer of the groundbreaking film “Marriage 2.0,” was a featured guest on sex educator Tristan Taormino’s “Sex Outloud” radio show for the VoiceAmerica Radio Network.

The episode recorded April 8 and will be available to listen to beginning today on the show’s official website at 8 p.m. EDT.

Produced by LionReach Productions and distributed by Adam & Eve, “Marriage 2.0” is an indie film exploring open relationships.

“I really had a great time speaking with Tristan and giving listeners a glimpse into what our film is about,” Sullivan said. “I believe ‘Marriage 2.0’ is the first real challenge to mainstream cinema in its ability to weave hardcore sex into a compelling narrative, thereby claiming a new space that is the unique domain of adult. I think its the first real movie to emerge from the adult industry demonstrating Hollywood is incapable of creating a cinematic experience like this — just look at the failure of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in its portrayal of sex.”

He added, “Tristan really moved me with her review of ‘Marriage 2.0.’ She gets what we were trying to do with the movie on all levels, and she recognizes it as an innovative, challenging, and highly erotic film.”

To watch the trailer for “Marriage 2.0” on IndieWire.com, click here. To watch the full-length movie on AdamAndEveTV.com, click here.