TrafficHaus Debuts Advanced Bidding System for Enhanced ROI

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus has launched its new advanced bidding system, allowing advertisers to target their exact audience with unmatched precision to assure maximum return.

The roll out comes after a number of months fine tuning to provide a sophisticated system calibrated to best define clients’ intended demographics and put the control back into advertisers’ hands, TrafficHaus CEO Mark Bauman said

“TrafficHaus has always allowed for in-depth targeting on their flat premium ad campaigns,” Bauman said. “Now we’ve incorporated these targets into a real-time bidding platform that makes it even easier — and more accurate — for our clients to hit their marks.”

This new platform is the next generation of targeted bidding, allowing advertisers to target, with heightened accuracy, the exact audience they wish to reach for maximum return on investment, Bauman said. Advertisers can now target based on country, language, operating system, browser, mobile carrier, keyword, frequency capping, and site/zone exclusion.

“The advertising game is becoming more sophisticated and we wanted to ensure that our advertisers are given the tools they need to run successful campaigns,” Bauman said. “Our team works tirelessly to enhance our clients’ ROI and we are confident that these new targeting options will do just that.”

Bauman said the new targeting options give advertisers the power to not only control but also thoroughly monitor and assess the progress of their campaigns once they go live. And should clients find that certain zones are not performing to their satisfaction, they can immediately disable that exposure.

“Giving advertisers a greater freedom t o play with their ad buys and placements empowers them to make every campaign they run with us a winner,” Bauman said.

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Mark Bauman discusses TrafficHaus in an exclusive Presidential Suite interview in April’s edition of XBIZ World.