Fun Factory Introduces 'Orgasmia' Vaginal Pleasure Implant

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Fun Factory has introduced “Orgasmia,” described as the first motorized medical implant designed exclusively for pleasure.

Conceived by Fun Factory Founder and CEO Dirk Bauer and developed with a team of German doctors, the V-shaped, blue tooth-controlled implant sits against the clitoral legs, stimulating the clitoris’s inner structure.

Orgasmia emits a mild, silent vibration that targets the entire clitoris, not just the glans. The device can be used on its own for hands-free orgasms, to enhance the experience of sex with a partner, or to address a variety of sexual complaints, including unsatisfying intercourse, extended separation from a partner, or even lack of time for sex.

The motor nestles against the pelvis, and users report that they stop noticing it after only three to four days of use.

Inspired by the design of thermal electric watches, the device automatically recharges using body heat. As with all Fun Factory products, Orgasmia is encased in medical grade silicone. While the implant can be synced to respond to remote commands from a number of electronic devices, including many smartphones, Fun Factory also offers a variety of discreet remote controls designed to look like rings, wristwatches, necklaces, and more.

“Easily 80 percent of the questions that we field from customers deal with difficulty with orgasm, unsatisfying sex with their partners, or a desire for hands-free stimulation,” said Kristen Tribby, director of marketing. “Orgasmia can help people solve all of these complaints. It is truly a game-changing product.”

The company said that currently, only one Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon offers the procedure, although Fun Factory hopes to make it more widely available.

Orgasmia is implanted in a reversible outpatient procedure. The motor comes with a 20-year guarantee; after that, the company will cover half the cost of replacements or upgrades. With the procedure included, Orgasmia retails at $6500.

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