Holly Randall Featured in Hustler Documentary

LOS ANGELES — Photographer Holly Randall is being featured in the documentary, “Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story.”

Randall reminisces with her mother Suze Randall, former Hustler Magazine model and iconic photographer, about growing up in the adult industry.

“It was an honor being featured alongside my mother in the Hustler documentary,” Randall said. “I was born while my mother was a staff photographer there; my birth was even announced in the magazine. I definitely have a sense of nostalgia attached to Hustler and to Larry Flynt — it’s so fun to see everything having come full circle, with me working for them just like my mother did back when I was a baby."

“Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story” is the definitive documentary on Hustler Magazine, from its starts in the nightclub industry into porn in the 21st century. Director Michael Lee Nirenberg's father was one of the original art directors for the magazine in the '70's and '80's.

The documentary is billed as a complete look at the personalities and features which made Hustler the “most offensive magazine of all time.” The story is told by Flynt as well as its editors, cartoonists, models, attorneys, art directors, and cultural figures, for the first time ever.

“Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story” can be viewed on Amazon Prime, and on Netflix.