ExoClick Expands Global Mobile Carrier Targeting

BARCELONA, Spain —  ExoClick today introduced an upgrade to its global mobile carrier targeting that now allows direct access to mobile carrier IP addresses in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

The company said the update gives advertisers on the ExoClick platform access to more than 300 mobile carriers and their carrier billing.

Throughout Q1, ExoClick said it has worked on the technical integration of this proprietary database of mobile carrier IP addresses into the company's ad network platform, enabling carrier IP information to be updated in real-time.

To make client workflow as efficient as possible, the advanced targeting section in ExoClick's admin panel now has multi-selection lists for choosing countries and their respective mobile carriers. The new carriers also appear in both advertiser and publisher statistics so that conversions and traffic can be analyzed for performance and further fine tuning of campaigns.

“We are very excited about this improved feature. Previously we had good coverage with IP ranges in 43 countries, but now with our new exclusive database, we have greatly improved our competitive edge, with our platform now taking carrier targeting to a whole new level. 3G/4G carrier billing is a major revenue driver because of its ease of making a purchase, furthermore it has become increasingly crucial for advertisers to target mobile carriers in order to generate a higher ROI, which of course in turn increases publisher earnings,” CEO Benjamin Fonzé said.

ExoClick's global sales rirector Richard Cottrell also commented on the update. “Territories like LatAm and APAC are key emerging markets for us, especially within the mobile arena. According to the World Banks 'Global Financial Inclusion Index,' more than 60 percent of adults — some 250 million people — in Latin America and the Caribbean remain unbanked and are unable to access plastic, checks, credit or other forms of banking tools.”

He added, “For this reason, ExoClick has substantially increased its network with carriers in these territories in order to be able to offer advertisers a way to monetize these 250 million people with targeted offers like one-click carrier billing.”

ExoClick's upgraded targeting system has the capacity to support more 1,000 mobile carriers, according to the company. More carriers will be forthcoming in coming weeks as well as updating the current list.