SexToyDistributing Reports Surge in Fetish Product Sales

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — has reported a sales surge following release of the film version of the famous erotic series that inspired numerous men and women to introduce bondage into their bedrooms.

Featuring a distinctly different array of BDSM products than its on-paper counterpart, the movie put special attention on floggers, paddles and restraints, which has stimulated steady sales for the site since the film's Feb. 14 release.

Known for its access to hard-to-find BDSM brands, Sex Toy Distributing said it has become a destination for retailers looking to piggyback on the products used in the main character’s “red room of pain.” Spanking, flogging and restraint systems played a starring role in the first of what will be a three-part film series.

Crimson Tied by Master Series, a set of BDSM accessories in a deep vermillion tone, received the biggest sales boost "thanks to its on-trend color scheme, quality construction, and affordable price points," Sex Toy Distributing reported.

And Master Series, a line of bondage products made for more advanced and experienced users, took a close second. That made it clear that fans have moved onto the next level of BDSM play in lieu of the beginner basics that moved quickly after the books’ initial debut more than three years ago, according to the site.

“It’s fascinating to see the sales trends sparked by mainstream media and nothing rocked the industry quite like this famous erotic book series,” Senior Wholesale Manager Beth Brown said.

“After the hype subsided, we were curious whether or not the movie would have a similar effect, but the last month has proven that BDSM on the big screen makes a major impact. And there’s been an interesting evolution in the kinds of products that stores are keeping in stock this time around, which tells us that public’s mind has been opened even wider this time around!”

The film adaptation showcased impact play with scenes that inspired shoppers to experiment with spanking, whips, feathers, floggers and other similar tools, including GreyGasms Le Plume feather ticklers and steel-enforced spanking paddles by Master Series, Sex Toy Distributing said.

And sales of Strict Leather Deluxe Locking Cuffs and Suede Lined Cuffs saw a significant spike thanks in part to several film scenes featuring the female character being strapped and bound by thick leather wrist and ankle cuffs, according to

“It seems that this famous series will continue to have a lasting effect on the adult market, so it’s important for stores to diversify their offerings to include not only beginner items but also the more advanced products that now-seasoned shoppers are looking for,” Brown said. “The focus this time around is on quality, attention to detail, and visual (and physical) impact — not just the color gray.

"Stores are responding to the demand by stocking the full Master Series line, as well as key items from other trusted bondage brands, which provides an attractive and sophisticated variety of tools, shapes and accessories at reasonable and competitive price points.”

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