OrbitalPay Partners With Marketing Firm KSquaredDynamics

TORRANCE, Calif. — OrbitalPay announced today that it has contracted with consulting firm KSquaredDynamics, to oversee marketing, public relations and social media for 2015.

The company said it’s constructing the most cohesive and talented team it has ever had in what it feels will be a year of consistent business development and a “rebirth” of sorts.

With the addition of KSquaredDynamics, OrbitalPay seeks to infuse new life and energy into the already established brand.

“Kristen [Kaye] and her team have a proven track record of building significant brand awareness and recognition in our industry. Coupled with her deep-rooted relationships and discipline it was a no brainer for us to align ourselves closely with KSquaredDynamics. With what we have on deck for 2015 and beyond, I am confident that the efforts set forth by KSquaredDynamics will propel us forward quickly and effectively,” said Jordan Stewart, vice president of OrbitalPay.

Kaye, president of KSquaredDynamics, noted that she was the former head of web and tech sales, and business development at XBIZ from 2005-2015. She said she has transitioned into focusing on her company and that she had the advantage of learning about, and understanding OrbitalPay’s needs during her tenure as its account representative at the media outlet.

Steve Bryson, OrbitalPay's founder and president is also pleased with the partnership. “I am extremely excited to be working with Kristen and her team, this relationship was a longtime coming. Kristen has worked with OrbitalPay in some capacity for a decade and has always produced. I have no doubt that Kristen will be a fantastic addition to what is looking like an all-star OrbitalPay team.”

Kaye added, “Having worked with OrbitalPay over the last decade, I have the advantage of knowing what has and has not worked for them as well as what has and has not worked for their competitors. I have wanted to work with Mr. Bryson in this capacity since I started KSquaredDynamics in 2010 and am grateful he has put his faith and trust in me (and his executive team) to elevate OrbitalPay to the next level."

OrbitalPay noted that it will be attending The Phoenix Forum where visitors can meet its new team members at their Zen Lounge located within The Tempe Mission Palms.

To learn more about OrbitalPay, email info@orbitalpay.com.