Mallcom Puts Domain Up for Sale

NEW YORK — The operator of venerable online adult brand has announced that its domain is up for sale.

The discount DVD retail site currently generates over six figures in monthly revenue, said Jerry Aroni, Mallcom Corp.’s president.

Aroni said that after 20 years in business, he’s now looking forward to “a couple of years of traveling and enjoying my success with my family."

“ boasts a long established database of 450,000 loyal customers that has been growing since its inception in 1998 with practically no advertising costs,” he said. “Containing the popular keyword ‘adult’ and an original .com suffix, is a highly desirable domain for competitors in the online adult space.”

Aroni said that consumers are still buying DVDs in droves and that he currently ship up to 500 orders a day.  

Aroni said he previously sold Mallcom domain for a “hefty sum,” and he expects that will fetch a robust price as well.

"I appreciate the support from everyone in this industry,” says Aroni. “I know the right company will want to make this purchase.”

Interested parties can reach May Friedman at regarding the domain sale.