Dr. Chauntelle Launches Online Store for Upcoming Book

LOS ANGELES — Sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals has debuted a website for her upcoming book, “Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment.” The book is available for pre-order exclusively through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Accessible through ChauntelleTibbals.com, the “Exposure” Store gives visitors a chance to pre-order the book, as well as watch some of the adult movies discussed in the book via DVD or VOD. 

“The new website gives readers a chance to view many of the movies discussed in my book in an accessible, ad-free environment,” Tibbals explained. “It’s a great way for people to weigh what I say against what they can see for themselves on the screen.” 

She continued, “This curated resource is especially useful for folks who may feel intimidated or uncomfortable digging through an adult website, but still want to engage the content in order to consider insights from the book.”

Movies available for purchase through the “Exposure” Store include golden-era classics like “The Devil in Miss Jones” and “Deep Throat,” as well as contemporary titles like Wicked Pictures’ “Divorcees,” New Sensations’ “Meet Bonnie,” Extreme Comixxx’s “The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes,” and assorted titles from Elegant Angel.

Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment” will be available to purchase July 7. To pre-order the book, click here.

The book is a first-hand narrative with a frank testimonial challenging existing stereotypes about sex and adult entertainment from the perspective of one of its foremost experts.

“There is no community more enigmatic, more influential and more exciting than the world of adult entertainment,” Tibbals said. “It’s my goal to break stereotypes and misconceptions about the adult industry, and shed light into the reality of what it is and the people who inhabit this amazing world.”

“Exposure” offers insight into Tibbals’ explorations of porn. She recounts humorous personal tales at her first adult industry trade convention and discusses her struggles as a scholar interested in learning more about adult entertainment. She shares her perspectives, as well as gained knowledge within the industry, in a balanced and accessible way.

From writing columns examining the value of porn as art on Uproxx.com, to debunking myths surrounding men adult film stars on MensHealth.com, and writing about porn star “bromances” on Playboy.com, Tibbals has long worked to enhance the public’s understanding of the highly unconventional adult community.

Last year Tibbals was featured in the 4th edition of “The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology,” a college textbook featuring activities, everyday life examples and pop culture references encouraging students to think sociologically, while also showing the relevance of sociology to relationships, jobs and future goals.