Tori Black Talks 'True Lust,' Directing for ArchAngel

LOS ANGELES — Tori Black told XBIZ she laid the foundation for the upcoming Kendra Lust showcase title for ArchAngel well before they stepped onto the set.

“It really came together when I got a chance to chat with Kendra about what it is she’s actually into, what her fantasies were and the different things running through her head,” Black said.

“From talking to her we started to get a feel for the direction we wanted to take the movie. For me I am much more interested in finding out what a girl really enjoys as opposed to what I think she’ll enjoy.

"I’d rather see her do what she wants.”

The results can be seen later this month in “True Lust,” which is not only a star showcase for the 2015 XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year Lust, but also the first full movie Black has produced and directed.

“The five different fantasies she did came together amazingly,” Black said. “Kendra was great to work with. She was really pushing herself to her limit and showing us intimate details about her life.”

Black, the 2010 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year and 2011 winner of XBIZ Porn Star Site of the Year for, last May directed one scene for the Elegant Angel release, “Seduction 4."

Now the Seattle native is an exclusive shooter for ArchAngel, which is ramping up production this year and also has a distribution deal with Girlfriends Films. She anticipates shooting at least five movies in 2015 in between a full feature dancing schedule and appearances at all three Sexpo conventions in Australia — Perth in June, Brisbane in August and Melbourne in November.

Black said she is picking up more with every scene she shoots.

“I’m learning to think on my toes,” she said. “There are so many little bits and pieces that you don’t anticipate. Everything on paper will look one way, everything in your mind will look another way and then there is everything in reality. So as much as you can plan and prepare there are always things that are going to change and shift.

“Directing has made me more mentally agile, which is really awesome. It’s really easy for me to fantasize and think of different scenarios, but to make it happen is entirely different.”

No doubt the process can go more smoothly with strong talent lined up such as the cast for “True Lust.” The first scene features Lust in a close encounter with Flash Brown.

“We put her in a scenario like it’s totally wrong for her to be fantasizing about him,” Black said. “We made sure we had an element of ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’ in it. It was a really great scene. The chemistry was amazing.”

Then Lust joined bankable stars Dani Daniels and Remy LaCroix in an all-girl hookup in which Lust takes the power position.

“She’s really into the young-girl thing,” Black said. “We actually got a really cute intro with them cleaning her house.”

Lust gets nasty with Jada Stevens and Prince Yahshua in another scenario. “We had some really amazing, talented people in that scene,” Black said, noting she made use of a steam shower for the tease sequence before Prince went to work on them.

The cast of all-star performers also included Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue, who teamed with Lust for a session in which Albrite and Lust engaged in anal play with a strap-on.

“It’s the longest scene in the movie,” Black noted. “We’re hoping we don’t have to cut it down from 50 minutes.” 

Lust “really likes men in power,” according to Black, so another fantasy started with Sean Michaels and Yahshua having a meeting of the minds.

“A legend and a legend in the making sitting with each other and picking each other’s brains,” Black said. “They were going over what their styles are. I loved their interaction. They talked about what they do with the girls and their whole motive during scenes. That’s the intro to the scene, and then you see her come and just submit to these two very dominate and very powerful figures in our industry.”

Black is already two scenes into production on her second movie for ArchAngel, an all-girl showcase for LaCroix called “Remy’s Angels.”

“Which is really fun for me because these are girls I’ve worked with and girls I haven’t worked with,” Black said. “Girl/girl scenes are very complicated and difficult because women in general are very complicated and difficult.

“For me being the matchmaker and tapping into what makes girls tick it was a good challenge. Guys are so much easier to please. We want to push boundaries, but we can’t push too hard or you’ll have a horrible scene with the girls looking at each other like, ‘Ew, I don’t want to be with her…’”

The first two scenes matched Remy with Lola Foxx and then Lexi Belle and Dani Daniels.

Black said that all parties agreed that she was the right fit to direct LaCroix’s movie.

“I volunteered, she was interested and she definitely really made her voice known that she wanted me to be the director of her movie,” Black said. “Who better to direct a girl/girl than a girl/girl performer herself?”

Interestingly, Black and LaCroix did not cross paths a whole lot until about a year ago. Black has been on an extended hiatus from performing and only doing select projects and appearances.

“We didn’t really know each other. When I was on my way out, she was on her way up so we kind of missed each other,” Black explained. “Then we started working together on ‘The Sex Factor.’ We were both judges on the panel and there was a lot of down time on the set. Now we’ve become friends and talk more about life in general. That was a good foundation to work off of.”

Black said she has no definite timetable for finishing “Remy’s Angels” because first and foremost quality is key.

“The most important thing for ArchAngel is to get the best scenes,” Black said. “We have a lot already in the can. [ArchAngel director] Mimefreak has shot so much stuff. Timeframe isn’t really a concern. It’s about when we can get the girls we’re interested in shooting.”

As for getting back in front of the camera, Black still has not ruled it out.

“I’m enjoying all the different hats I’m wearing right now," Black said with a smile. "Going back is always lingering in the air but I’m waiting for that moment to arrive and I will jump on it. Until then I’m just going to leave everyone holding their breath."