Beamonstar Products Offers Private Labeling on TSX Toys

PHOENIX — Beamonstar Products is now offering retailers the opportunity to spotlight their brand on the wide range of designs from U.S.-based manufacturer TSX Toys.

In January, Beamonstar announced its distribution deal with TSX Toys, which offers six stock colors, as well as over 300 base models and 1,600 SKUs. TSX Toys is particularly noted for its quality fetish, specialty and gay sex toys.

“Beamonstar and TSX Toys enable your business to have your own line in your own store, advertising your own brand, instead of ours or someone else's,” Beamonstar Products President Jeff Bolanos said. “The selection and quality of TSX Toys is definitely what customers are looking for, and one that you will want to associate your brand with.”

With Beamonstar and TSX Toys’ newly inked distribution deal, Beamonstar will now take a handle private labeling for TSX Toys.

“Beamonstar is looking forward to continue to enable the success of our partners through private labeling opportunities with this top-selling brand,” Bolanos said. “We will take a very hands-on approach to ensure nothing but the best products and customer service to get the very best results.”

TSX Toys and Beamonstar Products report that they are co-committed to superior design, manufacturing technologies, quality materials, social responsibility, customer service and delivery in a timely manner.

All products from TSX Toys are phthalate-free.

To see the full TSX Toys catalog, and for more information about Beamonstar Products, visit