ElectricDistro Shipping Lux Fetish Love Swing

NEW YORK — The Lux Fetish Love Swing is back in stock and available for immediate shipping from ElectricDistro.com.

“With several similar sex swing sets available on the market, Lux Fetish stands out with quality workmanship obvious through its sturdy construction,” a sales rep said.

The Lux Fetish Love Swing can be used with Lux Fetish swing stands, which are capable of holding more than 500 pounds.

The swing can be used for solo play, couples, threesomes and other configurations. According to ElectricDistro, it comes at a price point directed at first-time buyers who may be intimidated by a high price commitment.

“Available for a lower price than anything currently on the market, the Lux Fetish Love Swing stands out on retail store shelves with beautiful box packaging that is great for storing your new purchase,” the rep added.

The product can be paired with a variety of spinning stands for additional sex position experimentation.

Lux Fetish is available for wholesale purchase on ElectricDistro.com, which offers bulk and distributor discounts.