Mile High Media, Nica Noelle Launch Trans-Erotic Studio

MONTREAL — Mile High Media and director Nica Noelle announced the launch of a new trans-erotica studio, TransSensual.

Written and directed by Noelle, TransSensual will feature her signature style of filmmaking — exploring social taboos and starring TS performers.

The studio’s debut release, “My Dad’s TS Girlfriend,” is slated to hit stores April 1.

“I don’t approach TransSensual storylines any differently than I do straight ones because TS women are women. Period,” Noelle said, explaining the studio’s overall imprint. “TransSensual is trans-positive, in the sense that we don’t do storylines where the straight guy is shocked to ‘discover’ the girl is TS. It perpetuates the idea that TS women are out to fool straight men. It’s simply not what our studio is about. You will see trans-women in authentic erotic encounters with a forbidden twist. There's a lot of conflict, tension and seduction — all of the themes that I love to work with.”

According to a release, TransSensual will places emphasis on ordinary people confronted with sexual temptation and conflict, “focusing on the emotions that fuel real, passionate sex.”

“Teaming with Nica for Icon Male was a huge success, and we are continuing that success with the launch of TransSensual,” said Jon Blitt, vice president of Mile High Media. “Nica’s vision for trans-erotica is unique and we know fans will connect to it. She is a master at her craft, there is no one else offering her style of erotica in the transsexual marketplace.”

“My Dad’s TS Girlfriend,” stars Jessy Dubai, Wolf Hudson and Sunday Valentina.

“’My Dad's TS Girlfriend is really no different from the type of story lines I write for our Sweet Sinner Films,” Noelle said, describing the plot: a middle-aged single dad finds love again with a hot younger woman that his college-age son falls in lust with.

“Jessy Dubai completely blew me away,” Noelle said. “I was so mesmerized by her performance, sexuality and beauty that I decided I wanted to devote a whole movie to her, which will be coming out in the near future.”

“’My Dad's TS Girlfriend’ was just a great experience, and a great way to kick off a new era in both my career and in TS feature porn,” Noelle continued. “This studio is everything I dreamed of. I hope I can prove myself worthy of the trans community's trust and good will, and that we'll make some incredible movies together.”