Holly Randall’s ‘Adult Film School’ Returns to Playboy TV

LOS ANGELES — Holly Randall returns to Playboy TV today with the premiere of the third season of “Adult Film School.” The celebrated glamour photographer's show airs at 8 p.m. PST.

“I’m so excited for Season Three of ‘Adult Film School’!” Randall said. “Playboy TV really took it up a notch this season, with better couple transformations, better sets, and some new cast members, who I think the audience will love. We had some really fun fantasies to fulfill, so the shoot concepts are even sexier. I’m very proud of our work this season.”

“Adult Film School” is a reality show hosted by Randall that shows ordinary couples with extraordinary fantasies who bring their amateur sex tapes to the photographer for evaluation. The couple then gets a complete “porn star” makeover, and gets a chance to make their fantasies come true by performing them in professional settings. They get the best makeup, lighting, set design, and camera people Playboy TV has to offer, the show said.

“Adult Film School” is a show for real-life couples who want to make a professional sex tape, like a fantasy sex camp. For a preview of Adult Film School on Playboy TV, click here.

“We have some really great couples who are fans of the show, and really excited to be there,” Randall said. “One of juicy examples I directed is a sexy scenario with a 'Mad Hatter Tea Party' theme, which was a fantastic scene to shoot. I myself am enjoying being on the other side of the camera as well.”

For more on Randall, visit her official website at hollyrandall.com.