Q&A: ‘Nexus Will Be Back Bigger, Better Than Ever’

LONDON — Nexus is gearing up for the return of its full range to the U.S. market next year with the release of new and redesigned products.

 Last year, British pleasure products brand Nexus announced its return to the U.S. market after a two-and-a-half-year absence following a patent dispute. With a portion of its product line not available for sale in the U.S. until 2016, Nexus Director Monique Carty says the setback sparked creativity, and now under new management, the company has developed new products that will enable a successful comeback.

In an exclusive interview, Carty tells XBIZ how the brand plans to rebuild its presence in the U.S.

How is Nexus rebuilding its presence in the U.S. market?

We have never gone away completely but with only a small percentage of the range available for some time it was hard to make a big impact. New management brought new product development, which has allowed us to return our focus back to the U.S. This of course has been good timing in rebuilding the brand presence for the big return next year when we are able to sell the entire range into the U.S.

We already have our distributors in place and are really excited to be rebuilding strong relationships.

What kind of support can U.S. wholesalers and retailers expect from Nexus?

Both Chloe [Pearce] and I come from marketing backgrounds and so we fully understand the importance of good marketing support. We are extremely open to marketing initiatives and welcome any suggestions from our customers.

At present, customers can download images, videos and sales sheets from our website and we also offer sales support in the way of consumer product guides, leaflets, posters and promotional items.  We are also happy to offer product training to sales staff.

What are the latest releases from Nexus? Any other product releases planned for this year?

We are really excited to be launching Revo Intense. The U.S. market has been screaming out for REVO since we launched the first one four years ago but unfortunately we were unable to launch it here. The adaptation made to this model means it gives a more intense prostate massage than the existing models available to the rest of the world, but it also means we are able to sell it before the agreement is lifted and we can sell our entire range here next year. 

We are also launching a large version of ACE, our rechargeable remote controlled butt plug that was requested by customers at the XBIZ 360 Conference.

What makes Nexus Range products ideal for the U.S. market? What makes the brand unique?

When people think about Nexus they immediately think quality and innovation. All our products are made to an extremely high standard from the materials to the functionality and packaging. We don’t want to be just another manufacturer and want to bring products that offer something different to the market.

How has Nexus Range evolved since its launch? How did the brand evolve during its two-and-a-half year absence from the U.S. market?

The range has grown and evolved and there is more to come. The packaging has improved and is more streamlined and we are currently working on further changes.

We now have an accessories range, and a range specifically for the ladies, Nexus Femme. There are also additions to the main range including the long-awaited Revo Intense and Ace, a remote-controlled, rechargeable butt plug. 

We have also launched new items that we cannot sell into the U.S. currently which means next year when we can sell the entire range we will be back bigger and better than ever.