Video: Webstream Launches Model Testimonial Campaign

LONDON — The live-video content platform, Webstream, on Wednesday announced the launch of a new, more aggressive campaign to engage with and educate performers and models.

A do-it-yourself live-cam solution, the entire script is designed to be installed on any website, according to Webstream. All of the back-end video work and payment processing is managed by Webstream; the company said the total fee for the service is 25 percent including bandwidth, processing, support and design. All models need to provide is their webcam show and their audience.

To download Webstream's promotional video, click here.

The video features testimonials from models who use Webstream. None of the video commentary was scripted and all of the money these models are making by managing their own live show presence online is absolutely real, Webstream said.

“Andy and myself have worked in a number of verticals throughout the adult space previously,” said Ben Clark of Webstream. “Our time in the paysite, pay-per-minute, phone sex, clip store and design segments of the market is what led us to think up the Webstream platform.

"That’s when we were told repeatedly that it couldn’t be done, that a snippet of code wouldn’t be able to handle it all and that 25 percent wasn’t enough revenue to make it workable. Well, now that it’s built, functioning flawlessly, and scaled to accommodate more business than ever, we are happy to report the naysayers were wrong, and if you don’t want to take our word for it — watch the video to hear it straight from the mouths of the models themselves.”

In the coming months Webstream will be integrated into some of the largest adult sites. The company is already advancing its technology by partnering with several mainstream companies to introduce new video technologies that are in the pipeline.

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