's Armory Looks to Diversify With Office Space

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — may at some point be sharing its famous headquarters at the Mission Armory in San Francisco with a more traditional mainstream company, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reported Tuesday.

In a story titled "How a porn studio and tech company could share the same San Francisco office space," the SVBJ said that Armory Studios, which owns, recently submitted its application to convert about 120,000 square feet of the building to office usage, which is outlawed under its current zoning.

The change could get approvals by the Planning Commission later this year, the story said.  

Peter Acworth, the founder, told SVBJ "a local newspaper group" recently approached the company about renting out one of the floors to use as offices.

"But we're not permitted as an office space yet," he said. "I can rent to a (production, distribution and repair) user, rent them a floor, but cannot rent to someone like Facebook or something."

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