Sardo's Bar Targets April for Reopening

LOS ANGELES — The owner of Sardo’s Grill and Lounge, the home of Porn Star Karaoke for the past 11-plus years, said he is targeting early April to reopen for business after a fire on Feb. 2 caused more than $200,000 in damage.

Even though the early morning blaze was contained in the kitchen after an electrical short in a fridge, the smoke damaged the entire restaurant located at 259 N. Pass Ave in Burbank, Calif.

“I’m actually finalizing pricing right now on equipment and hopefully we’ll get going next week and then it’ll be three to four weeks after that before we can open,” said Seymour Satin, who has been running Sardo's for the past 13 years.

“I’m looking at the end of March or no later than April’s Fool’s Day. I’d hate to open up on April’s Fool’s Day because no one would believe it. But they haven’t even started yet. They keep finding new things.”

Satin said Tuesday the renovation process has him not sleeping much, but he’s determined to get his staff back to work and his customers back at his establishment as soon as possible.

“I have to do a lot of shopping on my own — for all the utensils and equipment,” Satin said. “I have to get all new TVs and have them delivered and do a lot of the installing myself. I’ll definitely be handling the karaoke equipment myself. I have to get all new karaoke books and menus printed.”

Not to mention the place needs to be rewired in addition to putting in all new custom booths, chairs, shelves and re-painting, Satin said.

The bar originally opened in 1967 when it was called the Old Town Inn before it became Sardo’s a year later.