James Deen Purchases L.A. Softball Team

LOS ANGELES — No doubt James Deen’s got balls. And now he’s got even more. The adult star — a one-time youth baseball star — has acquired a co-ed softball team in the City of Los Angeles Adult Softball Program.

The deal calls for JamesDeen.com to pay the team’s league fees and rename it as “The James Deens.”

“I purchased this softball team because I thought it would be fun; not actually playing the game, but the idea of pretending to own a baseball team sounds pretty awesome,” Deen said.

The acquisition won the league’s Tuesday Division championship last year. They go for another trophy when they begin play in April at the new playing fields at the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area in Lake Balboa.

“I recently met James Deen at a client dinner. It was a random encounter. My brother Adam and I really hit it off with James,” said Amy Lew, the team’s player/manager and the owner of All Media Group, an adult content licensing company.

She added, “When telling him our team recently won the championship, I suggested that James Deen take over our team sponsorship. I didn’t expect him to be interested but a few days later he confirmed his support. I’m excited to get to know James more and hopefully win him a big trophy.”

Among the players are All Media Group’s Adam Lew, staff member Susan Cortez, as well as Kelly Caldwell, Ken Way, Rosa Flores, and others.

“I played baseball as a child, but a tragic incident left me with a broken thumb and caused me to pursue a new career path,” Deen quipped. “As a result, I will not play any games with the James Deens. I will however, smoke cigars in the stands while yelling a lot in an effort to take this whole thing way too seriously."