XBIZ.net London Gathering a 'Success'

LONDON — Last night’s XBIZ.net London Gathering in London was another well-attended event.

The XBIZ.net London Gathering — the only regular meet up for adult industry professionals in this great city — was held at Grand Union Bar near Paddington Station.

Jerry Barnett, an influential advocate for the U.K. adult entertainment industry who runs Sex & Censorship, called the event “successful."

“It was well attended, a good chance to catch up with people, and it included quite a few new faces,” he told XBIZ.

Webmasters, magazine publishing, producers, performers and graphic designers, among others, were part of the mix at the XBIZ.net London Gathering, adult producer and attendee Terry Stephens said.

“It was a social get together, but we couldn’t help but network,” Stephens told XBIZ.

Stephens, one of the leaders of UKAP, the adult producers group in the country, said that attendance was strong partly because of a UKAP meeting in London’s Holborn district that dovetailed into the London Gathering.

Stephens said he pushed for both events “to maximize the day for the out-of-town members of UKAP.”

Jonas, a project manager at Adult Web Design London, organized the XBIZ.net London Gathering.