APAC Seeks to 'Break Down 'Barriers' Within Adult Industry

LOS ANGELES — Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) Chairperson James Deen joined gay porn studio Cockyboys for an episode of its web series, "In Bed with Liam & Levi" on Valentine's Day.

The new online talk show features CockyBoys exclusives Liam Riley and Levi Karter and their guests.

"It’s important to have open discussions between the different areas of the adult film industry,” Deen said. “Just because we don’t appear in the same style of scenes doesn’t mean we aren’t all part of the same business. Breaking down existing barriers that negate equality is extremely important to me.”

The appearance re-emphasizes APAC’s mission to build bridges between seemingly segregated parts of the industry. APAC is not a straight, gay, cis- or transgender organization; it’s an organization for adult performers, the organization said in a press release Thursday.

While there may be differences from performer to performer and studio to studio when it comes to particular obstacles and policies, APAC recognizes that adult performers, as sex workers, face many similar challenges. These challenges include anti-sex worker legislation, anti-porn stigma, social misunderstanding, sexual health concerns, and more.

"The division of performers — based on sexuality, gender identity, race, and more — weakens our ability to meet these challenges together," APAC said.

APAC’s mission is to recognize all adult performers and support their success, health, safety, and to cultivate a meaningful experience in the industry.

"The APAC board encourages members to reach out to performers making different content than their own and to listen with an open heart and speak with compassion to build bridges, strengthen performer unity, and improve performer experiences," the Committee said.

For more information about the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee visit APAC-USA.com or contact apac.information@gmail.com.