NYC Fashion Designer BCALLA Teams Up With CockyBoys

NEW YORK — In honor of New York City Fashion Week, NYC-based gay fashion designer BCALLA has reportedly become the first designer to debut a collection purely in the context of an adult film.

BCALLA accomplished this by teaming up with the NYC-based gay adult studio CockyBoys and Colby Keller's “Colby Does America” project to create the conceptual video art piece.

The entire BCALLA fashion porn video unveiling his Fall/Winter 2015 collection is now playing on 

"Why wouldn't we do this? It's creative, fun, gay and, most of all, engaging,” CockyBoys owner Jake Jaxson said. “So I'm proud to support BCALLA in this one-of-a-kind project that will do wonders for bringing adult film out of the dark and into the forefront of pop culture."

The video also serves as the New York entry for “Colby Does America,” a project porn star/artist Keller created, in which he tours all 50 states and captures his encounters along the way.

“Sex is a part of everybody's life. And we're all here because of sex at the very least.,” Keller said of the collaboration. “So why not make it a part of fashion and art, and all those other ways we like to express ourselves? I mean, there's a lot of shame around sex, particularly when it gets graphic when it actually is sex. And there shouldn't be. So this is kind of a way to break that barrier down.”

CockyBoys and Keller are front and center in the videom but Brooklyn nightlife “is the glue and sweat” that holds the BCALLA Fall/Winter collection together, a release explained.

The BCALLA collection video, directed by Special Agent Ferretti with set design by Michael Burk, employs ‘90s cartoon imagery to transport CockyBoys and Keller to a psychedelic sphere where sex is a colorful and exuberant experiment — and, perhaps most importantly, funny.

BCALLA has had his designs embraced by celebs like Lady Gaga to Azelia Banks, and his work has been featured in Dazed & Confused, Sang Bleu and Rolling Stone.

CockyBoys exclusives participating in the video fashion show include Tayte Hanson, Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Ricky Roman, Levi Michaels and Love Bailey, along with Keller.

Jake Jaxson added that this is just the latest example of pop culture colliding with adult film.

"Recently Tom Ford caused a stir because of [a] cross necklace that was in the shape of male genitalia, and audience members got a little more than they expected at Rick Owens’ Sphinx fashion show in Paris back in January when four male models strutted out onto the runway dressed in simple ensembles that revealed the models’ dicks," he noted. 

To download the full lookbook from the collection, click here.