Attends Sexual Health Expo

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Sex-savvy reporter Megan Koester attended last month’s Sexual Health Expo and realized that the event truly was groundbreaking for some attendees.

Koester’s article says, “Most girls don't discover that their bodies can be sources of sexual pleasure until they're well into their teens; a great many don't achieve that enlightenment until adulthood. It can happen in any number of ways — from consulting the Internet, reading a book, watching a film, or, in the case of a group of women I recently spent a weekend with, attending a sexual health expo in Los Angeles.”

Koester theorizes that the “inescapable pop culture phenomenon” that is the “Fifty Shades” trilogy may have been what drove women to attend SHE.

“Sure, they might read salacious sex tips in Cosmo, but most were too terrified to act on them until a best-selling novel gave them permission to do so. As a result, they are ready to start living, as Oprah would say, their ‘best lives.’

“And so these women came here.”

With more than 20 workshops exploring various different aspects of sexual wellness and pleasure, SHE catered to a diverse audience — several of which attended with their significant others.

“I watched old flames reigniting all around me — couples wandered the exhibition floor hand in hand and nuzzled one another while listening to seminars dedicated to ‘creating bedroom bliss."

“One such seminar, devoted to ‘Long-Term Lust: Imaginative Ways to Keep Sparks Flying in Your Sex Play,’ was the last of the day and brought the audience out en masse,” Koester says. “The event was standing-room only. As a couple composed of two little people sitting side by side in a single motorized wheelchair listened intently to the presentation, I found myself becoming insanely jealous of their closeness.”

In the end, Koester acknowledges that it’s never too late to improve your sex life.

“I decided I would do just that— now, before it was too late. Although, as my fellow expo attendees reminded me, it is never too late. You can never be too old, or too young, to fuck stuff. All you need is the inspiration, and the knowledge, to do so.”

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