Original 'Taboo' Series Featured on Showtime Documentary

LOS ANGELES — The new Showtime-produced documentary, “The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time,” prominently features the original “Taboo” series by Kirdy Stevens.

Titles in the series were all shot on film except number six — a feat unheard of today. According to Exile Distribtuion, the videos have been bestsellers since their release in the ‘80s.

Stevens had made nine movies when he was indicted by the Federal Government. All titles were found to be not obscene by the courts, although the judge admitted he found them vile and disliked the content. Despite his victory, Stevens decided to stop making movies after the ordeal.

Steve Stevens, Kirdy’s son, has taken over the company since his father past away. After 30 years of doing his own distribution, he recently signed a deal with Exile to sell the movies on all platforms.

“The first month, January, we ran out of 1,000 copies of each, at a very high price. I was personally shocked,” said Howard Levine of Exile. “These movies are a must-have for every retailer out there. They put them up, and they sell like crazy. I am also very happy to announce that Steve is currently in production for another ‘Taboo’ title, which is way long over due.” 

“Steve is the only guy who could actually make anything remotely close to what his dad did, as he has been working in the business with him all these years,” Levine continued. “With the release of the Showtime piece, my phone has been constantly ringing with orders for these titles.”