CockyBoys Unveils Final Installment in 'Answered Prayers' Series

Lila Gray

New York — CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson has unveiled the finale in his epic adult film series, “Answered Prayers.” 

As reported in the The Village Voice, the mini-series functions as a 21th-century morality play that explores the inner workings of everyday human archetypes and the fears that haunt them. 

The 6th installment, “The Actor,” stars Levi Michaels and Tayte Hanson, with appearances by Levi Karter, Liam Riley and Chris Harder. 

The storyline is complex: The Actor (Tayte Hanson) is a struggling thespian dealing with the ups and downs of trying to land the perfect part, He gets caught in the throes of an ancient family battle, made worse by The Lamb (Levi Michaels), a once-gifted orphan. 

The Lamb is aging rapidly and, despite possessing otherworldly powers, is limited by his aging body. While still powerful, his mind is wrought with fear and madness, and he finds his strength and comfort by provoking and consuming the fears of mankind. The Bully (Chris Harder) returns as one of his victims, himself filled with fear and shame stemming from living a hypocritical life, and The Actor is set to be next. But not before Puck (Levi Karter) has a chance to stop him.

Using subtle powers of his own, Puck connects to the better nature of The Actor, while The Lamb seeks to harvest his fears. The Lamb's confounding ways are unexpectedly tried and tested and, as a result, "the balance of the light and the dark brings both an end and a new beginning," a release explains. 

Jaxson, winner of the 2014 and 2015 XBIZ Awards for Best Gay Director, explained that the project was born from a breakdown with a former employee Jett Black, something that upset him greatly at the time

“But now, as the hands of time ticked by and have passed, I've worked to understand my upset and anger, and I now have a greater understanding and gratitude toward what happened,” Jaxson said. “This project has been a blessing to me and many who were a part of making it. I have come to understand and realize that Jett was doing what we all do every day — trying to survive at a time when fear clouded his mind. Fear and survival — it makes us both weak and strong."

"As I complete this creative journey, I am forever grateful to the 16 amazing young men who acted in these films,” he added. “In working together, they all shared with me and allowed me to at times connect to the fear they often face, battle and use to survive. It is in their journey that I have come to realize that how we face our fears is how we survive. Face your fears in the light of day and you can see what's ahead. Face your fears in the dark and you will see nothing."

“Answered Prayers” was named Best Web Series at the 2015 CyberSocket Awards and was an official selection of the 2014 Berlin Porn Film Festival.

The first 12 minutes of “The Actor” is now playing for free on The rest of the episode can be accessed on the site.