Pipedream Ships Bonnie Rotten Collection

LOS ANGELES — Pipedream’s Bonnie Rotten Signature Collection is now in-stock and shipping worldwide. The exclusive 12-piece collection is the first-ever toy line for the award-winning star. The line features one-of-kind creations that capture every detail of Rotten's likeness, even down to her famous tattoos.

“Bonnie is one of the biggest names in adult," said Brian Sofer, director of digital marketing for Pipedream. "She’s on top of her game right now, and she’s teamed up with the biggest name in novelties. We’re excited to offer her collection to the rest of the world and we encourage customers to get their orders in while supplies last.”

The Rotten Collection includes lifelike squirting masturbators and inflatable dolls to full-figured Rotten torsos and handheld strokers. The Fuck Bonnie Silly, a full-figured lifelike mega-masturbator, squirts with each squeeze. There is also the lifelike love doll, the Bonnie Rotten Fantasy Fuck Doll. With real hair, a beautiful face molded directly from Rotten, and almost every one of her tattoos, Pipedream says this is "the ultimate blow-up Bonnie replica."

Fans can create their own fantasy flick with Bonnie’s Make-A-Porno Kit, an all-in-one kit that includes Bonnie’s temporary tattoos, a penis extension, Bonnie’s deep-throat spray, lube, stockings, mask and cat o’nine tails.

“Our 12-piece planogram is the perfect way to create a Bonnie destination and welcome profit center in your store,” said Briana Honz, director of visual merchandising. “Stores that carry Bonnie’s DVD should cross promote the collection with her merchandise and show the two lines together, and stores that don’t will still benefit from the eye-catching packaging and Bonnie’s loyal fan-base.”

Rotten is currently on the road feature dancing. Contact Pipedream event coordinators to inquire about store signings and promotional appearances.