Popporn Makes 'One Scene' Offer to Oregon Webcam Girl Kendra Sunderland

Lila Gray

PHILADELPHIA — Adult entertainment company Popporn Productions announced an offer for Oregon cam girl-turned-viral sensation Kendra Sunderland: Popporn is offering her $10,000 to perform in just one erotic scene for the company.

On the heels of a rejected offer from Wall Street intern-turned-porn star Veronica Vain to perform in a Popporn production, the company turned to 19-year-old Sunderland, whose very public library striptease for MyFreeCams got her in trouble with the law, and jumpstarted her adult career virtually overnight.

In Popporn’s written offer to the blonde coed, Sunderland was offered the cash for one day of work.“One scene. Ten thousand dollars … it’s a good paycheck for an honest day’s work, and would make lots and lots of people immensely happy,” the letter reads.

Sunderland became an online sensation in January when her public cam performance in Oregon State University’s library received hundreds of thousands of online views — and resulted in a visit from state police, who cited Sunderland for public indecency. 

“I am sure that with Kendra’s sudden popularity, she is fielding a lot of offers these days, but for one single sex scene, it’s a lot of money,” said Brian Sokel, COO of TLA Entertainment. “She’s a hot commodity right now, so a Kendra Sunderland XXX scene would probably make the porn universe explode.”

For more information, visit Popporn.com.