Entrenue Introduces Colorful Nalone Range by FemmeFunn

PHOENIX — Entrenue announced that it has been named one of only a few U.S. distributors to carry Nalone by FemmeFunn, a new affordable line of massagers for women.

The colorful series features sleek, modern shapes that veer from the traditional, and boast powerful motors, the company says.

Following customer demand, Entrenue sought out the Nalone line for its impressive array of hand-held massagers and compact vibes, each with its own unique look and functionality.

One of the notable pieces in Entrenue’s Nalone range is the Touch, a five-inch insertable (eight-inch long) massager, with a bulbous end and touch-response controls that allow for easy speed adjustment that require no button clicking. It features waterproof silicone construction, a rechargeable motor, and seven vibration modes for versatility. Touch comes in an elegant satin-lined box.

Also highlighted in the range is the Electro Wand, a hand-held wand-style massager featuring dual motors — one in the head and one in the handle — and three modes of stimulating electro-magnetic pulsation.

Each of the Electro Wand’s motors vibrates at seven stimulation modes and provides waterproof functionality in a body-safe silicone shape. The Electro Wand also comes in a satin-lined box.

“We were most impressed by the Nalone range after holding them in our hands; they feel extremely substantial, with a good weight to them,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “These items are very powerful with many shapes we haven’t seen before, and our customers have been asking us to carry them for months now." 

“Plus they’re incredibly reasonably priced for the power that they provide, so we jumped at the chance to stock a selection," Casella added. "It’s a pleasure to be one of FemmeFunn’s limited U.S. distributors, and we look forward to seeing what their team comes up with next.” 

For more information or to place an order, call (800) 368-7268 or email info@entrenue.com.