BoodiGo Launches BoodiAds Ad Platform

BOSTON — Adult search engine announced today the official launch of its BoodiAdsadvertising platform, opening up a new source of targeted, organic traffic for adult website operators. 

“For a couple of months after the initial launch of BoodiGo, we were entirely focused on tweaking and perfecting the search algorithm and incorporating our various strategic partnerships with third parties,” BoodiGo co-founder Colin Rowntree said. “Now, we’re ready to unveil the advertising component, which has always been part of the plan. We just didn’t want to introduce BoodiAds until we’d nailed down the rest of the site’s functionality.”

Rowntree said he has been experimenting internally on a limited basis with sending BoodiGo traffic to adult subscription sites, video-on-demand services, online stores and other for-pay adult services, and has found the traffic to be “extremely high quality.”

“Those of us who have been around a long time in this business remember the days of converting search engine traffic at rates under 1:100,” Rowntree said. “The world has changed, and search engine traffic isn’t quite the cherished plum it used to be, but this is still highly qualified traffic. I haven’t seen conversion numbers like these in a long, long time.”

Rowntree said while BoodiGo intends to maintain affordable and attractive advertising rates on an ongoing basis, early adopters of BoodiAds will get better deals.

“The data we collected from our internal beta testing is great, but expanding the range of what we advertise allows us to be even more granular in our analysis, enabling us to improve and perfect the platform,” Rowntree added. “Giving our initial advertisers favorable rates is a way of returning the favor their participation does for us.”

For more information about BoodiAds or to begin a BoodiAds campaign, visit or contact Rowntree via email at