Nikki Hearts Takes Shooting Hiatus, Launches Sexuality Workshops

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Porn performer and director Nikki Hearts is currently on hiatus from shooting, and announced today that she is using her free time to launch a series of sexuality workshops beginning this month.

Hearts, who initially joined the porn industry through queer porn companies with the intent to promote sex-positivity, feminist values, consent and communication, teamed up with The Garden (one of Ohio's largest adult retail stores) and The Chamber (adult fetish retail store), family-owned sister-stores in Columbus, Ohio, to launch the program, called GCJ UIniversity.

The Garden has been in operation since 1997. Hearts says she worked for the owner of the garden before entering the industry and that he has always supported her. 

“Sex education and positivity has always been extremely important to me, and at a time when I am on indefinite hiatus from shooting, I miss the sex industry, and I miss promoting these values that are so important to me,” Heart said. “When I proposed the idea, [The Garden and The Chamber] were happily willing to provide the space and whatever I needed to get this going. We plan to get involved in community events as much as possible, but beyond that we want to spread as much knowledge as possible.”

GCJ University will feature four different classes focusing on different aspects of sexual exploration.

Feb. 5 she hosted the G Spot Workshop. The schedule for the rest of the month is as follows:

  • Feb. 12: Oral Sex for Couples
  • Feb. 19: Kink 101
  • Feb. 26: Anal Sex for Beginners

Hearts plans to soon launch a YouTube channel with toy reviews and informative videos, along with a website.

Once classes get going, GCJ-U aims to expand by bringing in certified educators and other porn stars to teach and assist on topics that Hearts is not well-versed in.

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