Offers Fans Chance to Win Signed 'Fifty Shades' Trilogy

Lila Gray

BOSTON — If you’re a “Fifty Shades of Grey fan with a gift for writing really short fiction, then’s #Sssh50 “kinky tweet” contest has your name all over it.

Having kicked off Feb. 5, the challenge is to tell a kinky story in a single tweet, using the hashtag #Sssh50. Contestants have more than one chance to win, as each tweet using the #Sssh50 hashtag counts as a separate entry.

Tweet submissions will be accepted through Feb. 22 at midnight EST. The winner will take home an author-signed copy of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” Trilogy.

“We’re giving fans a chance to have some fun and use their creativity for a shot at winning a memorable prize,” said Angie Rowntree, owner of, a porn-for-women site. “Using Twitter as the medium makes it something people can participate in easily. At the same time, the platform requires contestants to be clever and efficient in order to tell their story in short bursts.”

The winner of the #Sssh50 contest will be announced Feb. 24, during the upcoming show, “50 Shades of Reality: Insights from BDSM Professionals,” which will air live at 3p.m. EST.

"People can pack a lot into [a] tweet," said Lauren MacEwen of 7 Veils "The #Sssh50 contest gives people the chance to explore erotica in 140 characters. It will be fun to see how creative tweets get! 

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