Axcess Merchant Services Launches Website

LEEDS, England — Axcess Merchant Services today announced the launch of its website, for the adult industry.

The company said its is focusing on tailoring merchant accounts to client's needs.

"Many adult merchants will have experienced opposition towards obtaining a merchant account and processing their payments. Once adult businesses get passed that first hurdle, they may face unworkably high transaction rates and other frustrations," a spokesperson said.

She added, "These industry specific frustrations are why Axcess Adult Merchant Services believe that every adult merchant has unique payment needs and deserves a merchant account especially tailored to meet them."

Axcess noted that it draws on years of experience in the adult industry to offer specialist merchant services for adult businesses including sex shops, adult dating, adult services and adult video sites.

The company maintained that it has connections with more than 300 acquiring banks, it can provide a fit for individual adult merchant accounts, as well as registration with Visa and Mastercard. It also focuses on fraud protection, and offers customer verification services, card tokenization and dynamic billing descriptors.