FDA Issues Notification of Action for Liquid Silk, Maximus Lubes

Ariana Rodriguez

UNITED KINGDON – Bodywise, a U.K. manufacturer of lubes and pheromone products, has issued a statement to U.S. customers notifying them about the Food and Drugs Agency’s Notification of Action issued for its Liquid Silk and Maximus lubes.

According to the company, Bodywise Ltd is experiencing transient issues regarding distribution of Liquid Silk and Maximus products. The (FDA) has issued a Notification of Action (NoA) preventing wholesale suppliers from importing both products into the U.S. pending the resolution of administrative 510(K) issues.

The restriction does not affect customers outside of the U.S., and Bodywise says it is working with the FDA to resolve the matter – however the company says it is unable to forecast when the NoA will be lifted.

“Please be advised, this is an administrative issue and NOT a safety or product performance issue,” the company said in its statement. “Bodywise has a long history of manufacturing safe, high quality products and we look forward to resuming ‘normal service’ as soon as is humanly practicable.”

Bodywise says it will provide updates on its website, Bodywise.biz