Sensuous Releases Revamped Edge Delay Gel for Men

Ariana Rodriguez

SYDNEY – Sensuous has given its Edge Delay Gel for Men a new look featuring a flip-top tube, giving up to 30 applications.

“We wanted to give our customers an even better experience so we listened to what they had to say,” said Keith Jones, CEO of Sensuous. “Our previous bottle often dispensed too much product which meant there was either wastage or the customer used too much.  The new tube is extremely user friendly giving the customer full control allowing them to use exactly the right amount of Edge.”

The product now also contains a multilingual instruction leaflet in six languages. The outer carton too has had a revamp with a cleaner look and simple bullet point product benefits.

“I believe we often missed a trick with explaining to customers why Edge is so different to its competitors,” Jones said. “On the new box we now highlight that the product’s natural formula is Non-Numbing, Lasts for Hours and contains No Lidocaine or similar.”

Edge is available and shipping now.