DDF Network Celebrates 15 Years With 'Contest-X'

BUDAPEST — Today the team at DDF Network announced the launch of "Contest-X".

Dubbed a novel concept by the company, Contest-X contestants must submit media in various forms that would be compatible and acceptable on mainstream outlets such as TV, YouTube, Facebook, Google, billboards, print magazines and more. 

“Basically dig deep and think big while presenting DDF network in a fun, sexy, cool and/or cutting edge way,” a rep said.

The top prize includes round-trip airfare to Budapest, Hungary, limousine pickup from airport (complete with champagne and DDF girls to greet the winner upon arrival), followed by a five-day series of fun events, including a live filming experience at DDF studios, porn star interviews, lunches, dinners, party nights and more.

Various other prizes will be awarded for runners-up, including monthly, yearly and lifetime memberships.

“We really want people to think outside the box on this one,” Marketing Director Paul Acevedo said. “It’s also the idea that matters. We understand all who may enter the contest may not have the graphic, video or programming skills to create something compelling, but if an idea is submitted to us that is extraordinary, and we can use that, then that also counts as a contest entry.”

Contestants can find the rules and free “Idea Kit” on the soon-to-launch Context-X website.

The event organizers said that the ideal contestant is familiar with the DDF brand, so it’s more directed at the current member base or those who have knowledge of DDF Productions’ style and history.

Members can use any content on the site — including photos and videos — for their contest entries. For those interested but who are not members, a special discount will be available to get them started.

The contest coincides with the 15th anniversary of DDF Productions existence in cyber space, and “is a way to give back large to its member and fan base,” the rep added.

The contest officially kicks off Jan. 21, and the submission deadline is March 16.