Lexington Steele Pens New York Daily News Column

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — Wall Street intern Paige Jennings grabbed headlines recently when she announced that she left her financial world job to pursue a career in porn. But she's not alone. Adult’s very own Lexington Steele did the same thing — years ago.

Steele penned a column for the New York Daily News chronicling his move from Oppenheimer Financial at the World Trade Center to Porn Valley after attending a sex party that resulted in him landing a job in adult.

“People always ask me why I left Wall Street. I tell them it's not like I was already a master of the universe. I was working 12 to 14 hours six days a week.

"I made six figures, but my quality of life wasn't commensurate. I also figured if I left finance to try porn, and it didn't work out, I could always go back. This was the '90's. The Internet was just getting started. We didn't have Google. If my movies didn't take off, nobody would be the wiser. And I had two years before my license was set to expire,” Steele wrote.

The Mercenary Pictures’ founder also talked about how his fiercely competitive brokerage training prepared him for the financial side of porn, netting him millions of dollars and helping to send his children to college.

He also commented on Jennings’ move, saying it’s a good time to get into the industry, but cautioned that she should reflect and think it over. Steele compared today with the ‘90’s when he entered the business, intimating that it’s not as easy to reverse the decision.

“The Internet makes everything available with the push of a button. It's much less likely she could seamlessly return to corporate America if she changes her mind,” Steele wrote.