Providing Free Certifications for Elevated X Clients

NEW YORK — announced today that it will be providing a free website inspection and certification of qualified paysites owned by customers of Elevated X.

Stewart Tongue of said that arrangement is a way for site owners to generate improved conversion ratios while streamlining the decision-making process for consumers at the point of sale.

“Having worked with many Elevated X customers over the years, we are aware of the high-quality clientele that their industry leading paysite CMS software attracts,”  Stewart Tongue of said. “That makes our work screening clients, inspecting sites and monitoring their join processes much simpler, which allows us to offer a free certification to Elevated X customers interested in seeing how much better their own conversion ratios can become simply by promoting the fact that they are doing business in an ethical manner online.” trust seals are used by many of the best-known brands in adult and have gained traction in mainstream verticals with more than 1.8 billion join page impressions.

"The trademarked Website Secure trust seal is a visual symbol of ethical commerce that immediately conveys the fact that the site displaying it can be used by consumers with greater confidence, because the site has been independently inspected and its join process has been impartially audited by," Tongue said. "As a result, clients have reported significant improvements in conversion ratios on existing traffic due to the enhanced user experience at the point of sale on their sites."

The limited time offer includes one free site inspection per customer without any set-up fees and 90 days of monitoring included for any one site owned by an Elevated X client. Tongue said that to qualify for this offer your site must meet all of the criteria required by to pass inspection and you must be a current Elevated X software client.

"The offer will only remain available for a limited time, so acting quickly is a prudent move for anyone seeking to generate increased sales at zero cost," he said.

“I've heard nothing but positive feedback from Elevated X customers who use and display the trust seal on their join pages,” Elevated X CEO AJ Hall said. ”When Stewart offered to give Elevated X customers 90 days to try WebsiteSecure service for free, I saw it as win/win for everyone and am happy to lend my support. I think it's a great promotion and a great no-risk opportunity for my customers to try a useful service that can help improve their pay site sales conversions." 

Both companies will also be attending the upcoming XBIZ 360 event in Los Angeles and are available to meet with clients in person upon request.

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