Autoblow 2 Launches Websites in 9 Languages

CHICAGO — After a successful round of crowdfunding on Indiegogo in the summer of 2014, the Autoblow 2 oral sex robot for men has launched websites across Europe in nine languages. 

Since the Autoblow 2’s launch, the company says thousands of European men have had to pay for expensive overseas shipping — so the decision to expand was logical.

“Now that we keep stock in our U.K. warehouse, we can ship anywhere in Europe within a matter of days,” Autoblow 2 founder and designer Brian Sloan said. “But most importantly, from now on, our customers won't face embarrassing situations like having to open the parcel in front of a customs official or have to pay any additional taxes or duties.”

Sloan adds that demand in Europe is especially strong in Switzerland, Holland and Denmark.

The Autoblow 2 is an electrically operated stroking machine, which utilizes three sizes of sleeves designed to equalize sensations for men of all penis sizes.  

“The men of Europe can now begin living lives where blowjobs are no longer limited by someone else's stamina or willingness,” Sloan said. “They can take matters into their own hands — with our machine, of course.”

For more information (and to watch the promotional translated cartoon videos), visit: