NETbilling Extends Rate Guarantee, Adds More Merchant Account Banks

VALENCIA, Calif. — NETbilling today announced that it has extended rate guarantees and added more merchant account banks.

Mitch Farber, CEO of NETbilling, said, “as our merchant base and needs continue to grow, we are on the forefront of offering new merchant account solutions to our clients as well as several new features that we will be announcing throughout 2015. It is going to be an exciting year!”

Farber noted that for the past 16 years, NETbilling has established relationships directly with merchant acquiring banks and ISOs (independent sales organizations) to help establish merchant account both domestically and outside of the U.S. in many regions.

Because NETbilling helps so many merchants establish accounts each year, Farber said, the processor is often able to negotiate and provide excellent rates with many of our banking partners on our merchant’s behalf.

"Several of our bank partners have agreed to pay or reduce the high-risk registration fees for merchants with existing accounts looking to change merchant banks or establish additional accounts," he said.

NETbilling said it has offered a guarantee for existing retail, mainstream and high risk e-commerce merchants promising that if they cannot beat your current merchant account rates, the company will pay $500.

NETbilling offers free processing equipment programs for retail merchants including, phone swipe, POS tablet and EMV compatible terminals as well as shopping cart systems for e-commerce merchants.

NETbilling has also completed additional offshore merchant bank integrations adding a variety of new banks for their clients.

Contact NETbilling's sales department at or call (888) 357-8166 or (661) 252-2456 for more information.