Jimmyjane Adds Educational Executive, Expands Training Program

SAN FRANCISCO — Design-centric brand and leader in the premium pleasure products category Jimmyjane, is planning to amplify its customer training and sexual health education programs for 2015 and beyond.

Jimmyjane closed 2014 with the addition of two new team members, Meredith Davis and Sandra van Looij, who will focus on localized, in-person trainings. The company has also developed a new training platform with a dynamic education on human sexuality. 

The new focus on education and partner support is a move Jimmyjane believes will strengthen relationships with customers, and establish successful partnerships for 2015. 

With two new team members dedicated to localized trainings, Jimmyjane sees partner support as paramount in the coming year. 

Meredith Davis, resident sex educator at Jimmyjane, will now be primarily focused on in-person trainings. She will meet regularly with retailers across the U.S. and North America.

Jimmyjane welcomed Sandra van Looij to the team this month as an educational executive. Van Looij will be training retailers, store managers and employees in the U.K., Scandinavia, Europe and Russia. 

“We’ve seen a proven track record of successful growth and sales as a result of training and education,” said Robert Rheaume, president of Jimmyjane. “As a premium brand, it is essential that we provide our retail partners with the proper tools to communicate the key benefits of our products.”

In July 2014, Davis joined Jimmyjane as the resident sex educator and social media manager. Davis’s first priority was to revise Jimmyjane’s traditional product training program to integrate a new element of education on human sexuality.

Davis comes from Indiana University, where she studied Human Sexuality with some of the country’s leading sex researchers at the Kinsey Institute. The revised platform received praise and positive feedback from retailers and has added a new element to retailer training and support, the company said in a release.

“I could not be more excited about this new opportunity to be Jimmyjane’s sex educator and to work with retailers, distributors and manufacturers more closely,” Davis said. “Knowledge of sexual health is integral to understanding how consumers relate to their pleasure products. I am thrilled to welcome Sandra to our team, and am looking forward to working together to build stronger relations with our partners.”

Sandra Van Looij joined Jimmyjane to further evolve Jimmyjane’s customer support in the European region. Her previous experience working with lingerie brand Christine le Duc, paired with her multi-lingual communication skills, will give her the ability to translate the new education program and communicate with customers in German, Dutch and English.

“This information has universal value and will be a benefit for customers in all areas of the world,” said Van Looij, “I am excited to take this education platform to an international level.”

According to Jimmyjane, the aim to provide retailers with a more comprehensive, in-depth understanding of human sexuality is to help store employees communicate with customers on the complex, and often daunting subject of sexuality.

For additional inquiries, sales requests or to request a training with Jimmyjane, email education@jimmyjane.com