Net1on1 Now Distributing Minna Life in the U.K.

ST. ALBANS, U.K ­– Net 1on1 Wholesale has announced the arrival of San Francisco startup brand, Minna Life, further expanding the distributor’s sexual health category.

Last year the U.K.-based distributor announced that its new buying strategy would shift to include more sexual health lines and it was with this in mind, Net 1on1 said it took the opportunity to stock Minna Life’s newly developed products.

The Minna Life Limon (Squeeze-control Clitoral Stimulator), Ola (Squeeze-control Vibrator), and kGoal (Kegel Exerciser) all feature eco-friendly USB charging, phthalate-free, body safe silicone materials, and unique ergonomic design.

Harnessing its squeezable interface, the Limon and Ola allow the user to increase and decrease vibrations by adding or reducing the pressure of how hard they squeeze the product. They also both feature a smart memory function which gives the ability to compose, record, and play back customer vibration patterns, allowing for a fully personalized experience.

The kGoal is an interactive training system for female pelvic floor exercise which when used in combination with the free smartphone app, generates real-time “biofeedback,” allowing the user to track their exercise progress and performance. Helping to make kegel exercises more engaging, Minna Life is also currently working on games and other interactions, which will increase motivation and extend the product’s lifespan.

“These products are truly unique and impeccably designed, they’ll definitely get our customers excited too,” Net 1on1 Head Buyer Danielle Warn said. “I remember when I first saw Minna Life at ANME earlier this year and knowing then that we just had to bring such fantastic products to the U.K. The fact that Minna Life is a team of designers, engineers and health experts really shows that these products have been developed perfectly for the sexual health market. I can’t wait for them to arrive in our warehouse and to show our customers how amazing the Limon, Ola and kGoal are!”

Net 1on1 says the Limon and Ola are now in stock with the kGoal also due later this month. For more information, email