Naked Sword Debuts 1st Scene From 'Bulge' All-Sex Series

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals is ending the year with a bang with the release of the debut scene from its new all-sex series, “Bulge.” 

Directed by NakedSword's mr. Pam and featuring a bevy of studs in sexy swimwear, “Bulge” was shot outdoors, poolside, in sun-drenched Florida. 

“Bulge” comes on the heels of NakedSword and Bel Ami’s collaborative feature movie, “Dirty Rascals,” which concluded last month.

According to a rep, “Bulge's” all-sex poolside action is a "perfect antithesis" to the grand Chateau in the Czech countryside that was featured inDirty Rascals.”

Scene 1 of “Bulge” called “Tattoo Fuck Fest” — stars tatted stars Sean Duran and newbie Marxel Rios in a flip-flop scene by the pool.

The remaining scenes from “Bulge” will be rolled out over the next few weeks of 2015.

 “Tattoo Fuck Fest” is now playing exclusively on