New Studio ArchAngel Says the Sky's the Limit

LOS ANGELES — It takes guts to embark on any new business venture, and when a company decides to take the plunge in a market like adult films with dwindling DVD sales and a chronic case of content pirating, it’s a safe assumption that they have a solid plan.

Enter Chatsworth, California-based ArchAngel studios, the fledgling brainchild of adult veterans Gabe Guzman and director MimeFreak that debuted in October of 2014 and has since released a number of impressive titles including anatomically-centric shows like “Beautiful Tits,” “The Booty Movie,” “Anal Warriors, as well as its first MILF film, “True MILF.”

Guzman, a nine-year distribution and merchandising veteran says he’s always wanted to pull the trigger on his own studio but waited until the time was right. “I sat back and watched what was going on around me and took note of what the fans want. Then, I got to the place in life where I was ready to do it — be in the game 100 percent and succeed.”

Partner and lead director MimeFreak notes that their studio’s signature is being the first to really utilize the power of the fans. He explains that besides the talent that purchases DVDs to sell at conventions or feature dance gigs, it’s the fans that buy most of the movies.

The studio makes it their business to reach out to the public in every way possible.

“With ArchAngel, the fans have a voice and say whom they want to see and how they want to see it. There's no better feeling in the world to hold a product knowing you have an influence in how this movie was created. It makes you [the fans] feel powerful knowing you contributed to something you enjoy. The fans are involved from naming the movies to choosing the talent to promoting it. And, it will remain that way for the foreseeable future.”

It’s that kind of belief in their venture that has allowed the pair to make the leap of faith into a murky marketplace. As Guzman imparts, there aren’t many strong companies left, and most of what’s available is “run of the mill type product.” He says he and MimeFreak knew that they would have to do something different from other companies, but not venture too far away from what the fans are used to. He explains that’s where MimeFreakand associate directors LosDee and Potter come into play. “With their experience, they came up with ways to make our content great. If you have great content, people will buy your DVDs — it’s not the format, but the product,” Guzman believes.

During a recent title release Guzman said, “We have some of the best directors in the biz, and it’s a huge reason why our product is so good and the fans can’t get enough.”

One of the trio’s filmmaking helmsmen, LosDee, just released his first installment called “True MILF” Guzman notes, and adds that Tori Black is also on board with the studio and will be shooting her first two movies in January. The executive reveals that ArchAngel is also planning on adding another unnamed director to its roster in the coming months. “I'm very excited to have a great team of directors assembled. 2015 will be a year to look forward to.”

Aside from its charter to create fan-driven quality content, the studio is set to launch a new website in the first quarter of 2015 that will features exclusive scenes.

But for now, the focus is on physical product distribution, and by partnering with powerhouse Girlfriends Films, ArchAngel is hoping to reach new heights in 2015 and beyond.

Guzman, a long time acquaintance of Girlfriends’ President Moose, says he reached out with his ideas and vision and Moose like what he heard, coming back with a deal in just 24 hours. Although he didn’t divulge any actual numbers, Guzman reports that initial sales of his movies surpassed all of his personal goals and expectations.

His deal with Girlfriends and other industry associations is what Guzman’s counting on to help the studio grow and become a major force in adult. He says, “I have strong partners behind me and other investors who are waiting to see what I can do.”

In the meantime, ArchAngel is also shooting to secure popular talent, recently signing Jada Stevens exclusively for one year and Remy LaCroix exclusively for six months who has already filmed her first scene for the upcoming BJ movie “#MyFace,” where she is also the DVD cover girl.

ArchAngel notes that contract girls will be its standard, and it will have exclusive deals with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Guzman prides his studio on “doing things differently” than the status quo. He predicts, “The sky is the limit with ArchAngel. We will continue to give the fans the best adult entertainment they could ask for. We are geared to go in so many directions with our productions that I couldn't explain it here. I guess it's safe to say it’s ‘to be continued.’”