Stoya Pays Tribute to Christian Mann on

LOS ANGELES — Stoya devoted a new post on to the memory of Christian Mann, the former general manager of Evil Angel and president of Free Speech Coalition.

The adult film star contributed to a year-end feature titled “Why 2015 Won’t Suck: 39 reasons why 2015 will be less terrible than 2014, which was garbage.”

She authored Reason No. 37: “You Will Grow Up,” recounting the positive impact Mann had on her before his passing on July 31.

“Three times over the course of my career I found myself on the receiving end of Christian’s gaze as he delivered his opinion,” Stoya wrote. “Once was on the role of negotiating in the context of business. The second was on the need for performers to organize and advocate for themselves. The third subject is mine to keep private.

“On each occasion I made much better decisions because of his opinion, first securing a deal much closer to what I deserved from the company I was contracted to and later doing my share of the work required to found the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee.”

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Photo by Steve Prue.